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Welcome to! This is a joint website between Marc Fannin and Sandor Gulyas covering many aspects of roads and highways.
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The misc.transport.road Frequently Asked Questions page

This answers the most frequently-posted questions on the Usenet newsgroup misc.transport.road .

Roadfan Locator

This page is a list of people who have extensive knowledge pertaining to roads and highways and related subjects, and who have provided correspondence so that people who have questions on the subject may contact them.

Links to online driver manuals


Newspaper Traffic Columns


Scanned Official Transportation Maps Online


Highway/Earth Grid Crossings


Interregional Highways

Details on a system of highways in the U.S. proposed in 1944 but never implemented.

Regional Photo Pages

Michiana Roads

The webpage describing the roads and highways in the area of Michigan and Indiana surrounding South Bend, Indiana.

The Ohio Regional Road Pages

Details about roads in each region of that state.

Photographing Penn's Woods

Photographing the scenic majestry and urban wonders of the Keystone State.

Key to the Highway

Tour of Blues Music landmarks and artifacts in the Mississippi Delta

Jazzy Bayou Roadside Photos

Louisiana's Architecture and Highways in Photographs and maps

Lincoln Highway Today

Photographs of the old Lincoln Highway as it stands today

Sandor Gulyas' Road Trip Photos


Mississippi Trip 1999
New England Trip 2000
Delmarva Peninsula Trip 2000 and Maryland-West Virginia Trip 2001
California to Ohio 2001
I-73 scouting trip 2002

Where We've Been

Logs of the places that Sandor and Marc have visited.


Road trip reports


Thanks to WCMH-TV Columbus, the Columbus Dispatch, the Indianapolis Star, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Builders Exchange magazine for mentions!

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