Michiana Roads

Note: For the most part, this page has not been revised since mid-2005. Some information may be out-of-date. This will be corrected in the future.

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Welcome to the Michiana Roads page! This page describes the roads and highways in the area known as "Michiana", which is comprised of Southwestern Michigan and the area of Northern Indiana outside of the Chicago metropolitan area ("Chicagoland"); South Bend, Indiana, is the regional center.
Michiana links: SouthBend.com/Michiana.com | What's On In Michiana | How Industry Shaped Michiana | Michiana Map (available from the Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce) (out-of-date page, some information may no longer be valid) | South Bend's Historical Heritage

History of the Routes in Berrien County, Michigan

This page lists and shows maps of the current and former alignments of Interstate, U.S. and state routes that traverse the county just north of South Bend, Indiana.

Routes in South Bend and Metro Northern Indiana

This page lists the current and former alignments of routes that run in and around South Bend, Mishawaka, and Elkhart.

Three Twin Cities Road Mysteries

Help me find evidence to support these past references to roads and route designations around the Benton Harbor-St. Joseph area.

Michiana Road Photos

In addition to the photos themselves, this page contains much information about the area's roads, such as the St. Joseph Valley Parkway (US 20 and US 31).


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