Routes in Niles, Michigan Throughout the Years

This is a listing of the route confirgurations, past and present, in Niles, Michigan, a town which has had many routes in many places despite only having 12,458 people (1990 U.S. Census). Because of its small size, many maps don't have the room to clearly identify all the routes through there. I used to go through Niles frequently, and now still do occasionally, so I have the information that most maps don't have.

List by year (includes maps)

List by designation

Overview of the Niles area: Chris Bessert (5/31/03) | MapQuest


Much of the information on this site, as well as the form of the "List by designation" page and the route marker graphics on that page, is from Michigan State Highways by Christopher Bessert (except the "BUSINESS" plates, which are from Manual of Traffic Signs by Richard C. Moeur).

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