Rays Hill

This might be all that is left of what was "Bill's Place." There used to be signs noting Ray's Hill (like all other summits along US 30), and the LH here. However, sadly, they are but a footnote and a memory of the Lincoln Highway's lore.

The top picture focuses on the solitary building, the bottom picture has the building on the left and Valley Hi (?) Lake center, and the old turnpike alignment to the right of the lake. (both photos from April, 2003)

This is an earlier picture I had taken at Ray's Hill (circa December 1998). From US 30, I'm looking east at the turnpike. I think the gray ribbon on the left is the abandoned turnpike section between Ray's Hill and Sideling Hill.

Same time frame as the picture above, but looking at Breezewood at dusk in winter (note the snow in the foreground).

Other turnpike and Breezewood photos I've taken can be found on my Pa Turnpike page.

Sideling Summit Marker

(About time I nailed one of these photographically!) This photo from April, 2003


Situated in a valley, you can get a good view of the town from either side approaching downward. Just watch those brakes!
Old US 30 approaching McConnelsburg from the west

Abandoned Lincoln Highway, east of McConnelsburg.
You can reach this section from Old US 30 (just after/before current US 30). However it is roped off, so you can't drive your car on it.

You can (sorta) see US 30 above

Some pavement visible...

less pavement...

just a foot path now

Tuscarora Mountain

Abandoned Tuscarora Building. Formerly known as The Shamrock Tea Room, closing date unknown (thanks to Adam Carmack for the identification)

That's Sideling Mtn. out there to the west!

According to the PA LHA, there has always been a stop at the crest of Tuscarora Mtn.

You'll see these maps on the downslope of the dangerous hills the Lincoln Highway takes on. EB US 30 at Tuscarora Mtn.

What it's like going downhill Tuscarora Mtn. east.

Another Pa LHA marker Saw this one going WB between Gettysburg and Chambersburg from 1999 trip

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