The Lincoln Hwy goes through the National Military Park as well

As you travel EB you come to this ridge and then....

A Clearing to the south. The emptiness strikes you when you approach the park in either direction

Stone House on the southside of US 30 off of Country Club Lane. I've been told that this could have been Lee's HQ and another said it's just a information/rest area site.

Representing northern soldiers on the north side of US 30. The standing figure is Gen. John Buford, a cavalry commander. The equestrian statue is of Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds of Lancaster, PA. He was killed at Gettysburg just south of today's Route 30

A statue of a sitting soldier and accompanying plaque. You can see the steeple from the modern chapel on the grounds of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in the distance to the left. Southside of US 30.

A Bridge too far? Actually it's a bridge for Buford Ave going north with more statues abound north side of US 30.

This marble monument commemorates a Pennsylvania regiment of volunteers along the south side of US 30.
My thanks to Scott Mingus, Jr and Richard Funk for e-mailing me with information concerning the monuments shown above.

Another sunroof photo. This arch belongs to a former garage(!). It was originally built as a theatre in 1916. On the SW corner of Baltimore and York Sts

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