Pennsylvania Turnpike Corridor Photos

The clearing to the left is for a future rerouting of the Pa Turnpike just east of the Donegal interchange. A hill is being removed so turnpike drivers have one fewer turns to negotiate. Personally, I am puzzled that it took them over 60 years to decide to alter this. (photos from Sept. 2002)

East of Somerset, you can can see this small collection of windmills to the south of the turnpike. (photo from April, 2003)

The Chesapeake Bay Commission must of felt the need to promote their waterways a little more, so they placed signs like this along the Pa Turnpike (and I-80 from what I've seen in Pennsylvania). Must be a little easier to promote than the Mississippi-Missouri-Ohio Watershed to the west.
Sign along WB Pa Turnpike between Somerset and Allegany Tunnel (photo from Summer 1999)

The Rainbow Bridges
Along the Pennsylvania Turnpike someone is trying different paint schemes for the bridges. Normally one would just see green along the way


Royal blue...


Marroon (dark red)...

Supposed to be Marroon again, but the lighting (and photoshop) conspired against me

Another grey, but notice the set of narrow support posts

Supposed to be sky blue, with another id stamp
(All Rainbow Bridges series photos from April, 2003)


As one approaches the present day Breezewood interchange, you can see the now abandoned section (through Ray Hill and Sliding Hill Tunnels) to your right, heading to the east behind several motels.

Concrete Bridge along the original Turnpike section (still active I-70), near Breezewood, over former Pa 126. The size and shape of this overpass is what I find striking about this setting.

Pennsylvania (like many other states) keeps an invertory of bicycle paths. This one is just south of Breezewood

Ray Hill Vistas

From the WB lanes of the Turnpike you can look down at Breezewood of in the western horizon as you start your decent from Rays Hill. That is US 30 (Lincoln Highway) at the bottom of the picture.

Looking north from the "new" Ray's Hill turn on the turnpike

Looking back east to Bear lake from WB Turnpike

Looking west, I guess.

Other Ray's Hill/Breezewood photos I've taken can be found on the Lincoln Hwy - Breezewood to Gettysburg page

12 Mile Stretch

While there are plenty of hills, you can see how straight the Turnpike is between Carlile and Blue Mountain. WB Turnpike between Carlile and Blue Mountain

Pennsylvania photos lacking a home

An example of hidden Pa state routes. This one is at the West Alexander interchange on I-70 near the Pa/West Virginia border. A secondary route system?


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