Interstate 73 Michigan State Line to Carey Corridor

Note: This series of pages was originally part of the Corridor 5: Great Lakes/Mid-Atlantic Corridor page from the Congressional High Priority Corridors site by Andrew Field and Alex Nitzman. All commentary not attributed to Sandor Gulyas is Andrew's (except for minor alterations by Marc Fannin), and the design and graphics are also his. Comments may be sent to Sandor at .

Sandor Gulyas researched the Interstate 73/74 maps from the Columbus Public Library. He copied and scanned them in and added color designations to the routes the Ohio Corridor Development Consortium (OCDC) recommended.

The red line shows the final suggested route along U.S. 23, and the cyan colored line shows Ohio State Route 15 which was recommended to be upgraded first as a Temporary I-73 route. It could become a three-digit Interstate route after I-73 along the U.S. 23 corridor is completed. Keep in mind that this map (and the others) show suggested routes -- building isn't happening anytime soon.

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