Of the segment between Valparaiso and the state line, only 8 of the 25 miles was built over with modern US 30.

Valparaiso uses Lincolnway for it's LH segment, and puts the city seal on it's roadsigns. (from March, 2003)

These old bridge abutments can be found near Deep River (Mill, nearby). The abutment on the top picture is on the northside of the Lincoln Highway, while the abutments on the bottom picture can be found on the southside of the Lincoln Highway. Both near one another (Joliet Rd, near Deep River, from March, 2003)





How cut and dry can one be? In Lake County, the LH goes by the following names: Joliet Rd, Old Lincolnway, 73rd Ave, and Joliet St. And this is without changing roads!

(Old Lincolnway @ Randolph St in Ainsworth, from March, 2003)









Traveling back to modern US 30, I had to chuckle at this oil change place's choice of name. I-30 Fast Lube?!? Have they no sense of decency, or are interstates quicker than standard federal routes? (US 30 in Merrillville, March 2003)




Schererville, Indiana - A Lincoln Highway community.

Actually, they do a fairly good job signing the route through their town.

(From March, 2003)








The Ideal Section - Dyer, Ind.
The folks at the Lincoln Highway Association built an one mile section of 10 inch deep reinforced concrete roadway between 1922-3 (with some financial help from the feds, state, and local gov'ts) that was 4 lanes wide (and wasn't replaced till the late 1990s) with the idea of adding the "ideal campsite" to the south (this project never came to fruition). However, they did add an "Memorial Seat" dedicated to former V.P. of the LHA, Henry Oestermann.

The message on here is pretty clear. You know where you are. (June, 2003)

The 'Ideal Section' as of March 2003

This gives a better indication of the turrets and lighting used along the southside of the 'Memorial Seat' without the morning sun glare of the photo above. You can also notice that the woodlands that once stood beyond this ridge have long since been removed. (from March 2003)

The 'Memorial Seat' and memorial to the 'Ideal Section.' I had to use a zoom lense to get this picture from across 100 ft. of US 30. (from March, 2003)

Trying to angle in and get more of the 'Memorial Seat' instead of the placard in front. (from March, 2003)

Extreme close up of the 'Memorial Seat,' this time aided by a LHA sponsored roadblock of this memorial. (from June, 2003)

Extreme close up of the memorial in front of the 'Memorial Seat.' Plaque on far left is self explanatory, plaque in the middle mentions the Sauk (sak) Trail, plaque on the right says....
"A noble stretch of object-lesson road built by The Lincoln Highway Association, with the co-operation and financial aid of The Federal Government, The State of Indiana, and Lake County, Indiana, with funds contributed by the United States Rubber Company. Specifications were determined by a technical committee of leading engineers. Illumination by The General Electric Company. Built in 1921. This was the finest section of road in the world."
(Side note 1 - the Sauk Trail plaque was erected and dedicated on August 2, 1969)
(Side note 2 - The elderly man in the white sweatshirt on the right (in above photo) is Art Schweitzer. You can thank him for preserving the memory of the 'Ideal Section' and trying to promote it, when others thought of it as history to be bulldozered over) (Photo from June, 2003)

Don't you hate it when you can't remember what you took a photo of. I believe this is between the Illinois state line and Schererville, but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was (Ok, it's a highway, but to where). If you know this location, see e-mail below (thanks). (from June, 2003)
UPDATE: I remember now! Actually, thanks to Marcia Skurka and Evan Williams for their replies:

"The unknown section of road on your page about the Lincoln Hwy in the "Chicagoland" area is the new extension of Calumet Avenue south to the Lincoln Highway between Dyer and Schererville, about a mile east of the Indiana Illinois state line."

I knew that. :-)

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