When the Lincoln Highway was originally routed through Indiana, it roughly followed present day US 33, US 20, and Ind 2 from Ft. Wayne to Elkart-South Bend back to Valparaiso. It would follow this route till 1928. Also of note, the original Lincoln Highway was numbered as Ind 2 for the entire length.
This page covers the section from NW of Ft Wayne to Goshen.

Old Bridge NW of Ft. Wayne. Here's a perfect example of the old road following the property lines to benefit farmers, while the newer road got softer curves to benefit drivers.
Top picture - across the bridge following the old road (follow the electric poles and lines)
Bottom picture - crossview of the old bridge.
Both pictures taken in March, 2003


This oddly shaped building used to be a schoolhouse at one time. Now it's just private property

This is one of two instances that the 1913 routing of the Lincoln goes through a cemetery. In this case, the road is still open to the public.
Ahead lays present day US 33 routed to bypass Merriam. (both pictures above taken in March, 2003)

Back in 1999, Floresecent yellow school crossing signs were new and coming upon this in the middle of US 33 in Wolflake, I had to get a picture
From Sept. 1999


Lets see, how can I describe this without getting alot of unwanted traffic. ;-)
This street was named after a local farmer from the 19th century. The name has nothing to do with an Austrian/German who came to power in the 1930s and sought the death of millions of Jewish people (actually, how did this street NOT get its name changed?)
Intersection of Bortner Rd and US 33, south of Kimmel (from March, 2003)

Downtown Kimmel and its business district. US 33 bypasses this to the left (and over the RR Tracks). From March, 2003

An old road remnant at the bottom of Stone Hill, in front of Stone Tavern (which is much older than the LH).
US 33 between Ligonier and Kimmel, from June, 2003


This is the last section of brick paved LH in Indiana. It still gets used for local access (and the occasional tour bus).
US 33 south of Ligonier, from March 2003

I tried twice to get a picture of this park in Ligonier, both with unsatisfactory results. Regardless, it is a nice bit of landscaping.
Top clock picture from March, 2003, Bottom clock picture from June, 2003

You think you have a radio of historic importance? Then send it to the Historic Radio Museum (especially if it has ties to Indiana). This building also serves as Ligonier's Visitor Bureau. This building was a gas station in a prior life. (from June, 2003)

Here's another old alignment. Similar to the top pictures, this was routed along section lines-later routing eases the curves for drivers, but this alignment is still open for local traffic. Old US 33, west of Ligonier (June, 2003)















Top left picture - Goshen Police tower and Elkhart Co Courthouse.

Above right picture - Goshen Police tower. This octagon brick structure was built in the 1920s due to all the gangsters (from Chicago?) that were "terrorizing" Goshen's banks back then. If you look closely you can see some signs in an attempt to save/show it's significance.
Laura Coyle, Community Development Program Coordinator for Goshen, Indiana, e-mailed me in October, 2003 with the real reason for the Police Booth -

The police booth, for example, was erected IN CASE gangsters came through on their way across county, using the Lincoln Highway. Some of them were from Chicago but others didn't really have a home... John Dillinger was the worst fear because he did hit on some of the banks in surrounding communities. But by the time the police booth was erected (1939) Dillinger had been in the ground 5 years... news traveled slower than the gangsters back then.

Thanks for the info/correction Laura.

Left picture - Goshen's Historical Museum in the restored Harper Block building (from 1898)

All three pictures from March, 2003


I don't think this bridge has anything to do with the Lincoln Highway, but it has a nice story (and is right next to an old LH alignment)
This Iron Truss bridge was originally built in 1898(!), and was refurbished in 1986. Unlike the Ft Wayne bridge refurbishment, this one was done so well, it received a plaque from the Goshen Historical Society commerating the work done (see right).
Indiana Ave at Chicago Ave in Goshen, all three pictures from March, 2003

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