PennDOT constructed plenty of bypasses for US 30 through this county along the Lincoln Hwy

Pennsylvania built a bypass around Irwin for US 30 with the completion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Pittsburgh-Philadelphia Turnpike Milemarker. 18th century forerunner to the Lincoln Highway. Along Old Trail Rd in Jacktown

Irwin Streetsign Light gray on dark gray. Old time cast iron, not the new thin stuff.


This is the style of marker is being used by the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor folk between Irwin and Abbotstown.
This particular one is just east of Downtown Greensburg.

A painted LHA shield on the end of a bridge in Greensburg.

Greensburg Overview

Looking west towards Greensburg from near Westmoreland Mall (and US 30)

The guardrail ahead prevents this older section of the Lincoln Highway from rejoining US 30 ahead (and below). East of Westmoreland Mall

So who made this sign? It's definitely not MUCED standard (but it's not along a state or federal highway either). Along Frye Farm Rd between Greensburg and Youngstown.

Of note here is the mention of Old US 30 at the bottom of this sign. Between Greensburg and Youngstown.

Between Youngstown and Ligonier, US 30 straddles Loyalhanna gorge on both sides. The EB lanes follow the original Lincoln Highway, while the WB lanes follow the roadbed of the former Ligonier Valley Railroad. Alas, in this picture you are heading EB with the gorge and WB traffic to your left (behind the trees)


The Diamond at Ligonier

From left to right; Gazebo in the middle of Ligonier diamond, Water fountain on the northside of Ligonier diamond (reportedly damaged, or taken out, by a snowplow back in February) and a monument to local fallen soldiers (I think the object wrapped in black plastic might have been a LHA concrete post)
I got an email from Dana Pratt back in September, 2004 correcting me as to the name of the Downtown Ligonier. Thus I changed references from "square" to "diamond."

On the east side of Ligonier is a memorial to Forbes Rd. A close up of the plaque below.

Laurel Hill Photos - The Lincoln Highway goes over Laurel Hill between Ligonier and Jennerstown

Dangerous Curve

Maybe I should try to get a picture of this sign going WB, since I always get something in the way going EB
From left to right, Laurel Hill Attempt from July 2000 (with OSU Parking Tag in the way), Laurel Hill Attempt from July 2002 (with sign and pole in the way),
Laurel Hill Second attempt from 2002 (with pole in the way)

Approaching the downslope towards Jennerstown. Going EB on US 30 from 2000 trip

Similar to picture above, but I'm further down the hill. From 2002 trip

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