Try to slow down from 75 MPH to an 15 mph exit along I-80. Rural exit to some ranch road (August 2001)

Ft. Steele

Wooden bridge for the old LH over Dry Gulch near North Platte River (August 2001)

Truss Bridge for the old LH over the North Platte River (August 2001)

Immediately west of Fort Steele looking west at original right of way for LH (August 2001)

Old Lincoln right-of-way between Walcott and Rawlins (or further west)

Henry Joy Monument

Originally located along I-80 at Exit 184 as a memorial to the founder of the LH near one of his favorite points along the route. This monument was moved from here to the Sherman Point exit (see the Wyoming east page), east of Laramie, two weeks (literally) after I took the following pictures (Photos from August, 2001). According to Lincoln Highway Association members in Wyoming, there now rests a plaque mentioning what used to be here and directions to find the monument's new home.

Vista from monument area, looking south-southwest

Another vista from monument area, looking west

Continental Divide Signage (all from August 2001)

Descriptive sign

I.D. sign

Continental Divide Road

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