Elk Mountain

Elk Mountain is located south of Interstate 80 just east of the US 30-287-Wyo 130 junction and northeast of Arlington. Its distinctive shape is visible for miles from both directions of Interstate 80 and can be seen in the distance from the Lincoln Highway. (All Elk Mountain photos from June 1998)

Snowy Range (near Elk Mountain)

Interstate 80 with Snowy Range and Elk Mountain nearby. (From June, 1998)

Interstate 80 near the Snowy Range. (from June 1998)

Arlington Wind Farm

June 1998

August 2001

August 2001

June 1998

Snowfence near Elk Mountain prevents snow drifts from blowing onto the highway (from June 1998)

High Plains (from June 1998)


This is a great area for University of Wyoming students to climb and hike on the weekends (or weekdays, if they're playing hooky!). (both photos from June 1998)

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