Sandor Gulyas (with his parents) lived in (East Claridon) Geauga County from 1974-82.

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Geauga Times-Leader Photos (Below)

Geauga Times-Leader Photos

Below are scans from the defunct Geauga Times-Leader published in Chardon, county seat of Geauga County.
These were photos/articles that Sandor's mother saved (from between 1978-1981).

Ohio 608 Southbound at US 322, 1978

This intersection is now controlled by a red-yellow-green signal.

Accident on Ohio 608 on Durkee Hill (south of East Branch Reservoir) between East Claridon and Middlefield, Winter 1980

Repave project, 1980 (must of been from the "start" of Sandor's childhood roadgeeking period)

Baltimore & Ohio railline through Geauga County

Workers at the US 322 railroad crossing in East Claridon, 1979

Train/Sheriff car crash at the US 322 railroad crossing in East Claridon, 1980

Rail line near Chardon, 1980

Same photo with caption (explaination)

As the caption in last photo implies, the train track identified in the above photos was removed not too long after the photo was taken, in the Summer of 1982 (by the time Marc moved to the area in 1987, there was hardly any sign of the track left). The track right-of-way is now being converted to a rail-trail system, called the Greenway Corridor in Lake County and the Maple Highlands Trail (maintained by the Geauga Park District) in Geauga County. Thanks to K. Clem for some historical information.

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