The Bridges of Dublin
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 Did You Know
 Besides the Tuttle Crossing interchange over I-270, the city of Dublin has been financing the beautifaction of their bridges (constructed between 1998-2002). Most carry the same design, finish, and style, but it has to be better than the standard unassuming style seen throughout most of the nation. I, personally, wonder if the Dublin city fathers took their idea from the Merritt Parkway.

Emerald Parkway Bridges (Emerald Parkway will eventually parallel I-270 from Hilliard Cemtary Rd to Sawmill Rd )

Scioto River Bridge (Just north of old Dublin (along Oh 257 & 745) and adjacent to I-270. Paid for by the city of Dublin)

The Bridge

Showing the supports. The supports are not made entirely of stone, that is just a facing put on them.

Closer view of bridge - note the slight arches in the steel girders

The west end of the Emerald bridge framed by a support of the I-270 bridge.

US 33/Oh 161 - The bridge was open to cars Fall of 2001, the city of Dublin were putting the finishing touches on the sidewalks (as evident of some of the pictures). The brickwork was "glued" on and is not actual bricks.

On the bridge itself

Approaching the Emerald Parkway bridge on US 33/ Oh 161 EB

Same direction, but at the bridge

Coming upon the bridge, sidewalk work still being done at the time

Aproaching the bridge along Emerald Parkway NB

Looking west towards the bridge, from US 33/Oh 161

I-270 Bridges (I don't think ODOT paid extra for these finishes)

Scioto River Bridge - The I-270 bridge was rebuilt when ODOT widened I-270 through Dublin in 1999-2000. The I-270 bridge not only goes over the Scioto River, it also goes over both Oh 257 & 745 as well, so it is one of the longer bridges in Metro Columbus.

From the east bank of the Scioto looking up

Side view from Emerald Parkway

On I-270 going over the bridge

What these pictures show is the Art Deco, cubist design, used for the new supports. While there is no arch to the girders, the concrete supports have an arch design when connecting the supports. The concrete pilings do go above the roadway and can be seen when traveling across the bridge along I-270.

Post Rd - The bridge isn't anything out of the ordinary, but the railing includes the "Dublin design." The first bridge in Dublin to be redone.

Tuttle Crossing (First privetly built interchange in Ohio)

The view in the picture is from SB I-270 looking west towards approaching Tuttle Parkway. This was one of the first privately funded interchanges in Ohio (1993?), and is not connected to the other bridge art in Dublin. While the ODOT bridge work is standard, the landscaping is like that of a manicured lawn or garden....

US 33/Oh 161

Avery Rd/Murfield Drive Bridge

Simular style to that of Emerald Parkway Bridge ahead.
Going EB on US 33/Oh 161 from April, 2003

"Dublin Bridge" (Scioto River Crossing) (following photos are from October, 2003)

I don't know if this roadway (SB 257 to EB 33) extension was constructed later (topographical maps from as early as the 1950s show this grade seperation) or with the original construction of Dublin bridge. (see Other Dublin photos for photo of the intersection in question)

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