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Not shown on map - Cleveland Bridges | Cleveland Freeway Plans | Cleveland at the Turn of the 20th Century
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Traffic conditions

ODOT - District 12 (includes Cleveland)

City of Cleveland

Cuyahoga County Planning Commission

Cuyahoga County Engineer's Office

NOACA - Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (for Cleveland and surrounding counties)

EcoCity Cleveland - The "BLUE" Project (an alternative view for planning)

Euclid Corridor Transportation Project

Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper

Cleveland Highway History

Bridges, Highways, and Streets from the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

Garrett Morgan and the traffic signal by Ian Taggart - Claims that while the Clevelander did invent a version of the traffic signal, he did not invent the first one. (Encyclopedia of Cleveland History entry)

Cleveland Digital Library: Cleveland Cartography - "Information about historical and contemporary maps and map-related happenings in and about Cleveland and the Western Reserve region of northeastern Ohio."

Cleveland Landmarks Press Inc. Gray and Company, and Kent State University Press - Three local publishers whose books include many historic and contemporary road scenes in addition to the general landscapes. Also see Cleveland: A Concise History 1796-1996 by Carol Poh Miller (Indiana University Press)

Other Cleveland Photography

Cleveland Photos by Sam West

Road Trip USA US 20 Cleveland section

Western Reserve Exit Guide Page - Collection of Exit Guides by Marc Fannin, Brian Powell, and Nicholas Rothfuss

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