Cleveland Figured Out

In the tradition of Pittsburgh Figured Out by Bob Firth (publisher?), this is a page explaining many of the unexpected road and highway connections in the greater Cleveland area.

For now I have links to aerial photographs of the more complicated or unusual interchange complexes in the area. Although often outdated somewhat, detailed maps are available from the pages with the aerial photos by using the drop-down menu to the left of the photo mosaic. Additionally, interchange diagrams are distributed throughout the Ohio Department of Transportation Straight Line Diagram (SLD) .pdf files (all of the below are wholly or partially within Cuyahoga County so choosing that option from the SLD page is the most practical). I may eventually apply some of those maps to this page. is also fairly accurate.

I-71/I-90/I-490/SR 176 (Jennings Freeway)/US 42/SR 3/Fulton Road

I-90/SR 2/Marginal Roads (Dead Man's Curve)

I-90/I-77/US 422/SR 8/SR 14/SR 43/SR 87/E. 9th Street/E. 22nd Street/Carnegie Avenue (officially: Central Interchange)

Public Square (Jct. US 6/US 20/old US 21/US 42/US 322/US 422/SR 3/SR 8/SR 14/SR 43/SR 87) -- see this page

The "Flats" street network

SR 2 at W. 6th St./Lakeside Ave., W. 3rd St./Port of Cleveland, and W. 9th St.

US 6/Alt. US 6/SR 2/SR 254, Rocky River

I-77/I-480(Cloverleaf)/SR 17/SR 21 (old Cloverleaf)/Rockside Rd. (see also this page)

I-480/SR 17/SR 176

I-71/I-480/SR 17/SR 237/Hopkins Airport/Grayton Road

The I-90 (Innerbelt)/US 20 (Euclid Avenue) non-connection

The West Shoreway/W. 25th Street/W. 28th Street overlapping half-interchanges

I-271/I-480/I-480N/US 422/SR 8/SR 43/SR 175/Rockside Road/Warrensville Center Road

The I-271 express lanes (start at the I-271/I-480 et al interchange linked above and proceed northerly to I-90)

I-80/I-480/SR 10/SR 10C (former SR 10/Lorain Road)

I-80/Ohio Turnpike/I-71/US 42

I-80/Ohio Turnpike/I-77/SR 21/Miller Road

I-77/I-271/SR 21/SR 176 (Summit County)

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