Summit County

How could the powers-to-be have US 21 going to Barberton over Akron? We don't know, but continue on to see ahead
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The Ohio Turnpike (I-80)

Go here for details on the new interchange configuration.

The new sign for drivers approaching the "new" turnpike interchange

Going southbound, the overpass in the foreground crosses the Turnpike mainline.

Going northbound

The old toll plaza from Ohio 21

The old toll plaza from the intersection of the ramps to Ohio 21 from the new connector and Ohio 21

I-77/Turnpike signage

The "new" sign for the"new" interchange on I-77 Northbound

The "old" sign to direct traffic from I-77 NB to the turnpike. You can see where the word "TO" and I-80 and Turnpike shields were on this sign.

Ohio 21 joins I-77 here; old US 21 continues straight south as Brecksville Road.

Sign on Brecksville Road SB just past the interchange. Not sure why a special sign was needed....

Summit County street signs contain pentagon markers. (In Copley)


The exit signage along I-76/US 224 for former US 21 north of Norton

An odd 4-way doghouse traffic signal at old US 224 (Waterloo Road) in Norton

Historical placard for Johnson Corners on the westside of Barberton. At old Ohio 5/Wooster Road


Crossing of the abandoned Ohio and Erie Canal

Looking north past the crossing

Downtown, looking SB

Cleveland-Massillon Road sign. This is the official name for Old 21 in Summit County

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