Verdi (right before you leave Nevada for California) Through the Truckee Canyon

Memorial to the Donner Crossing Party

Campground or cemetary, east of Donner Lake


Donner Lake

40 years later, those poles are still standing!

This view is from I-80 EB just after it opened near Donner Lake.

While still around in 1960, Donner Lake Lodge is no longer in 2005
(exact date of termination is unknown to those of us who put this page together)

Donner Peak

The China Wall

The Rainbow Bridge

That's all!
If you are interested in a comparison with Donner Lake & Peak today, I have a series of Photos I took, in 2001, on this page.

Page created on January 30, 2005

Photos taken by Rick Tittle, Text by Rick Tittle and Sandor Gulyas

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