The original routing of US 30 west of Wooster. Also note the miniature Lincoln Highway Association placard beneath the county road sign. (from Dec., 2000)









Wooster/US 30 Freeway

Freeway Railroad Crossing:

(Top - Westbound, Bottom - Eastbound) This semi-abandoned(?) railroad crossing along the US 30 Freeway is one of a few Freeway RR Crossings in our nation. (from August, 2002)

Madison Ave. add on shields

(Top - Westbound, Bottom - Eastbound) ODOT has since finished Wooster "semi-outerbelt" (in Spring of 2006) so these shields, added on to the original green sign, have likely changed. (Photo taken in August, 2002)

What's supposed to be shown on the left side of the overhead sign assembly is a small green sign mentioning to stay left if you're trying to reach Oh 585. Along EB US 30 approaching the (then) incomplete interchange between US 30, 250, Oh 3, and 83. (from August, 2002)

Looking north along Oh 3 and 83 from the Lincoln Highway. The bridge ahead is for US 30. At the time of this photo, the bridge received little traffic due to highway stopping there. Since then ODOT has completed that section of US 30 heading east. (from August, 2002)

What Wooster, along the Lincoln Highway, looked like in the Summer of 2002.

This abandoned road used to cross some railroad tracks behind the brush up ahead. This road now dead ends for it has been replaced by the bridge to the left. To the right is a campground. Between Wooster and Dalton (from August, 2002)

This connects to the road in the picture above. Similar to picture from west of Wooster. (from August, 2002)


Small town America (from Spring, 2002)

ALT is placed above the US 30 Shield instead of the direction. Also, no mention of Alt US 30 from either direction of US 30 on either side of Dalton.
(from Spring, 2002)

End 172 Sign for the west end of Oh 172. Though the sign is about 1/4 east (just over the crest ahead) of the actual end at US 30. (from Spring, 2002)

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