The Steve Mannix Collection

Imagine your surprise when you go to check your e-mail and see a bunch of photographs, unsolicitated, in your inbox. That is what happened to Marc and I in the middle of November (2003). The following are photographs were taken by Steve Mannix concerning the construction of the new alignment for US 30 connecting the Upper Sandusky, Bucyrus, and Mansfield bypasses (see map below).
As Steve wrote to us at the begining of the first collection of Photos he sent us, "I visit Ohio quite often and have some pics of US 30 west of Bucyrus to US 23....No exact locations of streets that cross the highway (at first), but they are neat anyway."

Locations of the proposed US 30 Expressways on the map are approximate, drawn in by Sandor Gulyas

Due to the amount of material Steve has sent in, I have decided to group material by the road crossing over US 30
So, now you pick the road, from the table below, you would like to track progress of construction along.
I hope I have the order of crossing correct going from Upper Sandusky (upper left corner) to Mansfield (lower right corner)

 US 23-US 30 SE
of Upper Sandusky

 Eastern Wyandot

 Crawford-Wyandot County Line Rd

 Bethel Rd

 West Bucyrus Bypass

 East Bucyrus Bypass
 Lower Leesville Rd  Parcher/CrestlineRds

 Olentangy Rd

Oh 602

Biddle & Beck Rds

Oh 598

Fairview Rd

Nazor Rd

Oh 61

Crestline Rd

Horning Rd

Oh 181

Earick Rd


  ODOT has completed and opened the segment from Upper Sandusky and Bucyrus as of December, 2004
ODOT News Release 1
ODOT News Release 2

ODOT has now completed and opened the segment from Bucyrus to Mansfield as of August 4, 2005

We have also put together a new page for photos from Steve Mannix doing cursory explorations
concerning the widening/realignment of US 30 between I-75 and US 23

Steve also scouted out the "Goat Path" for the PA 23 Expressway, east of Lancaster, Pa in 2004 as well.

Page created on December 4, 2003/last updated on August 9, 2005

Questions and comments can be sent to Steve Mannix or Sandor Gulyas

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