Interstate Map Sources

The Federal Highway Administration has a map of the Interstate system (no numbers shown) here (it's a 2002 traffic count map). They also have a map on their National Highway System page here, with map .pdfs for each state and metropolitan area - all Interstates are included in the NHS and are easily identifiable on those maps.

The Weather Channel has a map of the system here. Close-ups of different regions of the country are available from there, as are, of course, weather conditions along each route.

Most online mapping services show Interstates by label. Go here for a listing. Also try online scans of official DOT maps. (State DOT webpages themselves may be accessed here.)

Many printed commercial road atlases also have a wide view of the United States with Interstates identified prominently.

General information about the Interstates may be found at FHWA's Interstate overview page, which also links to a route log and a history page.

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