Clarksdale Businesses

Something that caught my attention during my travels in Clarksdale was this solitary sign. Delta Square, or Delta Sunflower, it looked like a relic from a failed attempt to signify something within Clarksdale many years ago (actually, I'll guess three decades ago). (Photo taken in June, 2005)

When you're left with lemons, make lemonade. This empty spot (I don't know what building or business stood here before), has been remade into a small park. Photo taken in May, 2003


You can maybe call this the Blues Depot, part II. Located to the east of Issaquena Ave, along the same Illinois Central tracks, this other former rail station has been refurbished to hold stores and restaurants. I have yet to visit of the business here, unfortunately. (Photo taken in May, 2003)

someone is using this building in an attempt to cash in on Clarksdale's Blues heritage, with a instrument store and recording studio (Photo taken in May, 2003)

Speaking of cashing in on an image. If you go out to the southeast side of town, you'll find the majority of the retail ventures in Clarksdale on MS 161 (old US 61). Among them is this strip mall calling itself Blues City Plaza. Eh, It's the thought that counts I suppose. (Photo taken in January, 2005)

This is the Delta Blues Room. Kitchen, occasional DJ, occasional live music. # (Photo taken in June, 2005)

Krosstown Blues (Sarah's) Kitchen. Soul food and urban juke joint. (Photo taken in June, 2005)
However, since this photo was taken, Sarah's Kitchen has moved 4 blocks south to 278 Sunflower Ave. (According to the Clarksdale Press Register)

This beached steamboat was once home to Jim O'Neal's (Co-founder of Living Blues Magazine) Stackhouse/Rooster Records.#*
It's last use was that of a teahouse. (Photo taken in June, 2005)

Tall building. Home to the Thompson Performing Art Center? (Photo taken in June, 2005)

Wade Walton, barber and musician, used to work at this location before he passed away. Now it's used as a juke joint (note the name over the door on the right)
(Photo taken in June, 2005)

The Delta Eye, owned by a lady from Florida (thus the bright colors and design). (Photo from June, 2005) Evidently on Sabbatical here in 2006.

Left Photo: The old neon and metal sign for the Haggard Drug Store is what caught my attention here (3rd & Issaquenssa)
Right Photo: I suspect the glass for the Coahoma Bank sign has been replaced and refinished and it gives the building some more class due to that as well.
(Both photos from January, 2005)

Then there's this, which looks like it has been forgotten about since 1976. There is a riverwalk park, along the Sunflower River nearby, just not here.
(Photo taken in June, 2005)

# - Source is Roger Stolle/
* - Source is Robert Birdsong & John Ruskey (The Path Finder map)
$ - Source is Steve Cheseborough's Blues Traveling


Delta Regional Authority

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