From 1913 till 1928, The Lincoln Highway followed Pa 65 north from the Golden Triangle to Rochester, Pa 51/Pa 68 to Beaver, some back roads to Glasgow, then Pa 68 for 1/2 mile west into Ohio (see top map on the Pa LH page).

Ohio-Pennsylvania-Virginia Point of Demarcation Marker (see explanation on the Ohio page)

The Pennsylvania side the marker

Pennsylvania placard about the marker

Pennsylvania Survey Marker Just past the Demarcation Marker

The Pa 68-Oh 39 switch. "Sigh" If ODOT had added an Oh 39 marker just inside its border...

The original Lincoln Highway followed this old Indian trail from Beaver to Ohioville. Today it is named Tuscararus Road. This placard is in front of the Fire Station just east of Pa 60.

Rochester Bridge Truss Bridge was the original home for the Lincoln Highway over the Beaver River.

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