West of Baton Rouge

Port Allen

Juke Joint or store?

Besides US 190, US 71 at one time crossed here as well (according to David Backlin)

Both Port Allen and Baton Rouge have signs about their traffic light timing. Both cities ignore their own promises however.

Plaquamines (the town, not the parish)

This waterway was once the gateway to the lower Atchafalaya Basin from the Mississippi River. But a complicated bend (out of the picture to the right where the RR bridge is located at) became enough of a nuisance that a new canal was constructed up stream at Port Allen/Baton Rouge. You can see some of the Bayou Waterfront Park on the right side of the waterway as well (Photo taken in October, 2004)

Plaquemine Locks State Historic Site

I think this is a church. (sorry I'm lacking descriptions here)

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