North Platte (after a rainstorm)

Rick - It rained that day and I saw my first tornado off in the distance.

Fort Cody (on the westside of North Platte)

Fort Bridges (on the western outskirts of North Platte)


Between Green River and Little America.....I think

Little America. Post Office, truck stop, and resort (which I admit is really stretching the defitition)

These two photo above are near the Utah/Wyoming border (maybe just inside the eastern border of Utah) going westbound.


Devil's Slide


Devil's slide is NW of Salt Lake City (and near present day I-84 exit 111) and the 1913 routing of the Lincoln Highway between Echo and Ogden.

This train tressle went over the Weber River near Devils Slide.


Wendover Bill at the Stateline Casino in Wendover UT



The Nugget Casino is still in operation at Sparks


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