SR 2 WB at SR 306 in Mentor
Ramp from SR 2 EB to W. 6th/St. Clair Ave
US 42 SB between US 6/20/Alt. 6 and SR 10
I-77 SB from Harvard Road 2
I-77 SB at I-490
I-90/SR 2 EB at Eddy Road
I-90 EB from Chillicothe Road, Kirtland Hills
Truncated Central Viaduct approach looking south
    Columbus Avenue NB over the Cuyahoga
    US 6/20/42/SR 3 over the Cuyahoga (looking east)
    I-90 EB approaching SR 2/Dead Man's Curve, from Lakeside Avenue 2 3
    SR 10 over the Cuyahoga (east end of bridge)
    E. 55th St NB at Superior (US 6)
    Detroit Ave EB at W 25th St
    Heisley RxR overpass project, Mentor 2 3
  • (see also )
    Harvard Ave WB approaching E 42nd St west of I-77
    Main Ave EB at W 10th St under SR 2 on the east bank of the Cuyahoga
    Pelton Road bridge replacement between downtown Willoughby and SR 2 2 3 4 5 6
    Superior (US 6 et al) EB in Public Square
    Former east end of the Superior Viaduct
    West 28th St on the south side of SR 2

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