Media and Chester

(Industrial Southern Delaware County)

These two photos show the blunt end of a former routing for Baltimore Pike (formerly US 1 at one time), west of Media. This section got bypassed by a wider and straighter highway (you can sort of see it ahead). See the map below. (from Sept 2002)

Speaking of this map, Old Baltimore Pike connects to Pa 352 (via the ramps to US 1), while it does NOT connect to Baltimore Pike. Completely opposite from what this map shows.

PennDOT just moved the text over on this 1960s Olive Green BGS for US 1 so they could fit the I-476 shield on it.
Pa 320 @ US 1, Marple (from June 2002)

Urban Train Crossing Traffic lights and Walk/don't Walk signals a plenty at this commutter rail crossing.
Pa 420 @ the Media Trolly line in Springfield.
(From June 2002)

Pa 252 ends at this intersection with Pa 320 (see here). However, Chester Rd (which follows Pa 320 from the left) ends here, and Providence Rd (which Pa 252 follows) continues on to the right along Pa 320 into Chester. (from Sept 2002)
Another view of Pa 252's south end can be seen here


So this is a state route in Chester? Pa 320 is broken into two different one way streets in Chester. This is on SB Pa 320 (Upland St) (thanks to Christine Howze for correcting me) at 10th St. (from Sept 2002)

How can you tell a city is bankrupt? When they leave burned out traffic lights up and replace them with stop signs. Pa 320 @ 7th St. (Pa 320 ends just after the railroad bridge ahead at Pa 291. See here). (from Sept, 2002)

This is the techincal end of PA 352 at US 13 (Ironicly, Chester and/or PennDOT decided to put the End 352 sign, north of I-95 in the safer shadows of Widener Univ. See here). Once upon a time Pa 352 continued straight and ended at Pa 291. However due to some attempts at Urban Renewel, the street wsn't wide enough to carry anything beyond local designations.







Your standard Chester streetsign(s). Haven't been altered in 50 years. Highland Ave and Pa 291 in "South" Chester (from Sept, 2002)







While not nearly as "burned out" as it's neighbor to the north, Chester, Marcus Hook suffers to same stigma as Chester as being a place one does not want to be in. As this picture, near the south end of PA 452 shows, Marcus Hook does look decent. (from Sept 2002)

What's the name of this street? Ormond St or Pastuszek Blvd? Both Street signs corespond with the same street.
Pa 452 at Ormand St/Pastuszek Blvd. in Marcus Hook (from Sept 2002)

Here's why there are no end signs for Pa 420 at Pa 291. The Utility workers (working on the traffic lights ahead), borrowed them and never put them back. (from Sept. 2002)

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