Taken 11-24-01
Eastbound, coming off the US 50 freeway into 5th St; Central Ave intersects. OH 264 east continues two blocks ahead to end at Elm St (US 42 north). To the left is US 27/127 north, US 52 west, US 22 east, and OH 3 north (the last two begin here). To the right is US 27/42/127 south and US 52 east. The US 52 sign is old, from when US 52 east (as well as US 27/42/127 south and US 52 east) used to go straight (east) one block to Plum St and then south on Plum St. There is also a sign pointing TRUCK US 50 east to the right. This is from when US 50 on Fort Washington Way (the I-71 multiplex) was closed to trucks. One more important note - you can no longer turn right at the light. Only traffic coming from the ramp merging in on the right, from I-75 north, can turn right. So traffic to US 52 east (and the other aforementioned routes) should go straight and turn right at Plum St.

Daniel Moraseski
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