Various Photos along the way in Illinois

The only drawbridge left on the Lincoln Highway? US 30/US 6 before crossing the Illinois River in Joliet (from 1998 trip)

In Plainfield, Ill, US 66 and US 30 (Lincoln Highway) share each others company for a mile. The banners give this fact away as well (from 1998 trip)

On my first Lincoln Highway trip, this was the first (of many I'd see in the Plain states) LH banner I saw along my trip. On US 30 between Plainfield and Aurora (from 1998 trip)

Illinois milemarker with route, county and distance within an oval. Along US 30 (non Lincoln Highway portion) in Lee County (from 2001 trip)

Another mystery for me. I thought I took this picture in far western Indiana (see here), but when going through my film negatives (5 years later), the progression shows this to be in Illinois between Plainfield and Aurora. So which one is it? If this location looks familiar and you know where I took this photo, please e-mail me. (from 1998 trip)

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