L&N Bridge

The southern landing for the L&N Bridge in Newport. The brick arches go to a former a railline that went through this neighborhood. (Photo taken in January, 2005)

Looking at the south enterance to the bridge. In front are the backs of some Midwestern roadgeeks.
In case you're wondering, the bridge was painted purple, but do to the lighting when I took these photos, the bridge comes off as grey.
History of this bridge can be found on this page and this page

Left Photo: Leaning over the banister to look down the old rail line portal
Right Photo: Looking down the old pedestrian path in the middle of the bridge. No, I don't know the family in this photo

The old roadway part of the L&N. One would be hard pressed to fit two automobiles side-by-side widthwise on this bridge now

Close up on one of the eye bolts holding the bridge together. Doesn't this remind you of the old "Bridge & Girder" play sets?



Left Photo: Looking down at one of the bridge piers. You can see some of the parts of the upper bridge supports
Right Photo: Did I mention that the this bridge also crosses the gates of hell? Actually, due to the setting sun the water reflection was yellowish/brown so I exagerated the color to redish/orange instead.


Pete Jenior

Cincinnati Transit

All Photos on this page taken in October, 2003 (unless noted otherwise)

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