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Images go from south to north, looking in various directions. Captions are above photos. Photos of the completed interchange and photos from the ribbon-cutting ceremony are temporarily here (beginning with "615i") - if you are in one or more and wish that your image be obscured, please contact Marc Fannin, e-mail at bottom of page More new photos are here (beginning with "615")

Transition northbound from north end of 2001 project to original alignment; new 2003 road unopened past barrier (4/17/03):

View of new 2003 road and parallel original alignment (4/17/03):

Further north (4/17/03):

Approaching I-90, where the old and new almost converge (4/17/03):

Same curve, looking south (4/17/03):

Same curve, farther back. In the foreground is the grading for the I-90 Eastbound ramps (4/17/03):

Same curve, even farther back, from the south end of the I-90 / Center St bridge (4/17/03):

Northbound, approching the I-90 bridge (4/17/03):

Northbound, at the I-90 bridge. A sign like this also existed southbound from Ohio 84 but it was removed about 45 minutes before I started taking pictures. Note the beginning of the foundation for the east side of the widened bridge (the existing supports were incorporated into the new bridge) (4/17/03):

Close-up of the bridge foundation (4/17/03):

I-90 eastward from the bridge (4/17/03):

I-90 westward from the bridge (4/17/03):

I-90 Eastbound approaching the interchange (4/17/03):

I-90 Eastbound approaching the interchange (3/20/01):

I-90 Eastbound at the interchange (4/17/03):

I-90 Eastbound at the interchange (3/20/03):

I-90 Westbound approaching the interchange (4/17/03):

I-90 Westbound after the interchange (note unopened onramp) (4/17/03):

Northbound, at the end of the bridge. In the foreground is the grading for the I-90 Westbound ramps (4/17/03):

Looking the wrong way (east) up the I-90 Westbound offramp (4/17/03):

North of I-90, where the original alignment transitions to the roadway which will be the northbound lanes (4/17/03):

Just further north, where the abandoned original alignment picks up (4/17/03):

Same place looking south (4/17/03):

Two progressive northbound views (Ohio 84 is in the distance) (4/17/03):

Northbound at Ohio 84 (4/17/03):

Northbound from Ohio 84, 12/24/01. In August 2001, widening of Ohio SR 615 began between Ohio 84 and US 20, with Ohio 615 becoming one-way (one lane) southbound only during construction. The completed 4-lane 615 was opened by September 12, 2002. Photo:

Three views looking south from Ohio 84 (4/17/03):

Looking east (3/25/99). Note the red "ONLY". Not pictured was the lane-use overhead sign assembly approaching this intersection. Earlier the right lane was labeled as straight through only, even though right turns were not prohibited here. A small right curved arrow was later appeneded to the straight arrow, though the "ONLY" was not removed. This is long gone now, though other examples of this color scheme exist elsewhere around Mentor. Photo:

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