Keystone Shortway Photos

More commonly known as I-80

Going west to east along I-80 from Ohio to New York City in March of 2001.
The road trip report may be found here.

Who is Gorden Ward? Also note the signs only showing one through lane for I-80 EB ahead. EB I-80 near Sharon

Sign holder for.....? I-80 EB, west of I-79

One of the more impressive sites along I-80 I-80 in Central Pennsylvania

Somehow I don't think this is the location New Yorkers and Philadelphians are refering to when they mention going to the Jersey Shore.

Construction sign for interchange between I-80 and US 15

Did PennDOT run out of money and skip the standard "Big Green Sign" drivers are acustomed to seeing along freeways? Very substandard signage.
EB I-80 aproching the I-180/Pa 147 interchange

Another text sign along Pennsylvania's freeways. Hard to say if this is better or worse than the mini shield for I-180 for the same interchange.

A nice view of the scenery generated by good engineering. EB I-80 in Central Pennsylvania

What's with these lines across the highway? Is this a drivers test, code for something?
John Beeler wrote in July that the lines appeared to have been paint test lines. Reasonable enough I suppose. EB I-80 between US 11 and I-476

Another substandard signage display by PennDOT. Instead of making a new sign to help travelers find their way, PennDOT continues to use some old text sign from thirty years ago and add on a I-476 shield near ground level. Good luck motorists matching the sign for this exit with your map.
EB I-80 near the NE Extension Pa Turnpike, aka I-476.

Most red pavement I've seen east of the Mississippi along I-80. I-80 in Eastern Pa

New Jersey

Just a to-do list if you are hiking the Applachian Trail. I photographed this sign just on the Jersey side of the Delaware River near Delaware Water Gap.

New York City photos Hosted by David J. Greenberger
Contains some more photos along I-80 in New Jersey and around New York City when I was there for the American Association of Geographers conference in March of 2001.


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Jeff Kitsko's history of I-80 in Pennsylvania

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