Scenes along I-295 around Providence

(This might have been along I-95 before Providence) Why don't more states do this?

Once you get past exit 3(exit 4 today?), you'll be in your own canyon

My first thoughts was that Rhode Island was in the midst of an exit renumbering when I came through. However, according to SPUI (Dan Moraseski), Rhode Island has kept both the sequential and milage based exit markings on some of it's interstates since the early 80s

The pattern Rhode Island used is simular to what the Ohio and Pennsylvania Turnpikes used

I-295 wasn't originally supposed to end at I-95. According to those from the area, it was planned to continue past I-95 as I-895 as an eastern bypass of Providence. See Proposed I-895 around Providence and I-295 around Providence (both by Kurumi)

Link to I-295 Exit List (by Jay Hogan)

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