More memorials to Robert Johnson

Historical placard explaining the origin of the town name.

Hazelhurst is the birthplace to Robert Johnson. Someone got the idea to create a memorial to Robert here. The top two photos show the front and back of this memorial, while the bottom photo shows the circle of bricks with the names of financial contributors that helped get this project completed.

This rock commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Illinois Central coming through Hazelhurst. I don't know which year was the centennial.

Showing the symmetry between the memorials. The brick path connects the railroad and Robert Johnson landmarks. Interestingly, these are located in the middle of US 51. Northbound traffic goes to your right, southbound goes around to the left.

And lastly there is survery marker in this island. You are only 79 feet above mean sea level in Hazelhurst.

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Robert Johnson's graves

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