In the Spring of 1999, the (modern) Lincoln Highway Association opened a "home office" in Franklin Grove, Illinois.
Two plus years later I stopped in Franklin Grove and visited the headquarters for the LHA. The photos on this page are from that visit.

Franklin Grove watertower with the LHA insignia proudly displayed.

Lincoln Cafe - Either bought into the LHA concept, or has connections to it

H.I. Lincoln Building, aka LHA World HQ, however it's main purpose appears to be mainly as a store for LHA memorabilia

LHA Fence next to the store with distances to the control points of the LH (both Illinois and nationally)

LHA trailblazer painted on telephone pole along Ill 38 between Franklin Grove and Dixon

Official recognition of the LHA HQ by the state of Illinois

Franklin Grove townscape

County road marker laying in someone's yard (in Franklin Grove)

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