Viewing Baton Rouge from above

Ok, so Baton Rouge doesn't have much of a skyline (why would it with a population of only 225K). But with the Mississippi River in the foreground, it does make for a nice photo. Building of note from Left (North) to Right (South). LaDoT, State Capital, hotel, Banc One Building, and more

Now we're really above Baton Rouge! This is from an Contential Airlines flight that just took off from Baton Rouge Metro Airport (on the northside of town). So we are looking south with the chemical plants in the foreground, the business district in the middle, and the Mississippi River meandering on south by White Castle and Donaldsonville

Views from the State Capital

Thanks to Huey Long, Louisiana constructed the tallest state capital building in the US back in the 1930s. With that you can go to the 34th floor (out of 43) to a viewing platform and see almost all of Baton Rouge.

Looking immediately south at the commerical core of Baton Rouge

Looking south to St. Gabriel

Looking east

Looking west at a lot trees between the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers

But you can focus in on this smokestack (left behind from an abandoned sugar mill) near Lobdell (about 7 miles northwest from the state capital building)

A view of some of the grounds next to the state capital. Lookout below!

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