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Louisiana has folklore concerning its music, its food, its people, its politicians, and its geography. So why not its roads.
There are several people who have already written about the I-410 proposal, so I will direct you to their work:

However, none of them have any visual material showing the proposed route. So this is where I step in.

Regional map (centered on Lake Pontchatrain) with all the constructed/proposed interstates for Greater New Orleans as of 1972. (Click on map for larger scale)

Color coded (by me) map showing the various alternative and suggested routing for I-410 around the south of New Orleans (Click on map for larger scale)

Normally there is some aerial photography of the intended route. Unfortunately, the plans I had access to only had a badly faded "blueprint of the middle section of the proposed I-410. Not worth using in my opinion. Sorry.

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